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To avoid becoming overweight, cancer, diabetes, heart disease


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What is most important in life?

It's the well-harmonized Mind & Body. Without correct Mind, the Body malfunctions. Without naturally fit/healthy Body, the Mind gets sick. They are interconnected. To build a healthy Mind & Body, you need a foundation called the correct diet(food). Without a solid foundation, your body gets fat and your mind becomes lazy and delusional. 

Over 50 years of real research and experiences, the information/videos are all original aims to support your system and function for better health. 


1/3 is genetic, 1/3 is a lifestyle, and 1/3 diet. All videos cover a wide range of 2/3 which is diet and lifestyle(Mind & Body).

You must have these three things

1. Correct Diet = Eat Healthy (Watch what I eat)

2. Correct Mind = Think Healthy

3. Correct Body = Act Healthy

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Correct Diet


     Food is medicine!
Learn to cook simple zen vegetarian recipes to live well and fit. Stay away from obesity and sickness. 

Correct Mind


      Learn to do meditation in your own style. At any time, anywhere with guided or on your own. Mindfulness helps you to overcome obstacles.

Correct Body


     Try simple yet powerful exercises to stay young, fit and healthy. You don't need to exercise hard to obtain optimum health and lean body. 

Japanese Zen Meditation - Breathwork Actual session

Let's meditate together...

Free Downloads of "Introduction to zen meditation"

about video - Based on CORRECT diet/mind/body

Medicine Food

Japanese traditional food and recipes from my Japanese grandmother.

Food is Medicine!

 Learn to cook simple zen vegetarian recipes to live well and fit. Stay away from obesity and sickness. It's my family's recipes.

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Meditation & Energy


Introducing variety of Meditation and Energy work for everybody. The most important BREATH WORK is included in some videos.

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Corrective Exercises


How would you like if you don't need to try hard and focusing on feeling good? These Japanese daily exercise and meditation are simple and effective to stay fit.

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Researched & proven Topics

Weight Loss


Follow the secret and get down to the action today! Japanese bodywork for tightening underarms, preventing double chin, great posture and much more.Coming soon

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Insomnia Care


Hard to sleep?

See the action lists and some videos about the restless night.

It's your turn to make some change in your lifestyle today.

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Everyone should have thought about quitting this life for an easier world to move on in a lifetime at least once. Some get more serious about executing the thought. I like to share my experience in Japan. 

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Lower Cholesterol


The first video is the most powerful and fast solution to lower cholesterol. Then we will make sure we all can lower cholesterol with up coming information. Stay tuned.

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True Cancer Care


Coming soon

Spiritual Journey


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==> Free japanese secret frozen shoulder exercise

==> Free Emergency Action Plan Downloads

Emergencies can happen at any time. The most effective way to handle a crisis situation is to prepare in advance by creating an Emergency Action Plan and here is a sample plan for free download.